October 15, 2009


WE SHOULD DIE existed as a politically charged grind/ crust/ metal unit from 1996 to 2004. Being born in the small desolate wasteland of Fairbanks, Alaska and moving to gray and wet Portland, Oregon a year later. This LP captures their two best recording sessions, one side each. Side 1998 is the darker, colder, rawer, more desperate of the two and you can hear the north Portland basement it was self-recorded in. Side 2004 sees a very apparent lineup change with a different drummer and a new second vocalist/ bassist. This material is faster, cleaner and a bit more urgent. Also recorded in a dank Portland basement. LP comes with a vinyl sticker and an 18 page pamphlet. Members of WSD play or played in Burials, Superbad, Fall Of The Bastards, Axiom, Bent Over Backwards, Battlegrave, Still Hunting, Aghori and Ritual Necromancy. 300 pressed. $10us/ $12 world.